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Home Buyer's World Remodeling the Kitchen

Remodeling the Kitchen

This is an example of how a well-planned renovation can completely transform a kitchen.

Before: A cramped and rather plain kitchen with relatively few appliances.

BeautifulRemodel.com - SV Kitchen - "Before"

After: A spacious, sleek, well-lighted kitchen with an array of modern utlities.

BeautifulRemodel.com - SV Kitchen - "After"

This amazing transformation was made possible by Designer Steve Price, who expanded the entire kitchen area and installed a center island. With the addition of LED lighting and a mirror on the base of the island, the partial mosaic circle pattern on the floor is enlarged and seems continuous from all angles. On the walls of the kitchen are blacksplash tiles, the 3D Versailles Illusion, which are enhanced by the LED lightstrips placed at the bottom of each cabinet. Keeping the area ventilated, the Futuro Futuro “Jupiter” Island range hoods are combined to do the work of one blower with each at half speed, but with half the noise of one. [Futuro Futuro]

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