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The Molteni Range

Molteni $ 100,000 Range + Futuro Futuro Symbol 48inch HoodThe Molteni range won’t just be a statement piece in your kitchen—it will epitomize luxury itself. The Molteni range, priced at $100,000, is the most expensive range in the world. The workmanship necessary to build each range is immense, requiring at least 20 workers at Molteni‘s original factory to create and perfect the nearly half a ton range in 500 hours. The company offers the addition of gold-plated elements, USB ports, and a built-in security system. Top it all off with a Futuro Futuro 48” Symbol Island Hood, featured in the image, and your kitchen will rival those in famous restaurants across Europe.

A Molteni can be found at Broadway Panhandler on 68 East 8th Street in New York City for everyone to admire.

Read more about the range and range hood at the Futuro Futuro Blog.

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  1. Top post. I look forward to reading more. Cheers

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